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Misty Mountain
Misty Mountain
Misty Mountain
Misty Mountain
Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain

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Sourced from the finest pine, this mountain design measures 50 inches by 16 inches. The color palette of this original design is composed of rich shades of brown, classic grey, & natural unstained wood.
Frame Options:
Distressed off-white // the perfect farmhouse touch
Dark Brown // the classic look 
The quality of this hand crafted, statement piece is unparalleled and made to last through the generations.
This sturdy piece weighs under 16 pounds and comes ready to hang with a durable hanging wire on the back.
Every piece of wood has unique grain, which means each work of art I create will also look unique.
The Process
Artist, Lauren Gordon puts her heart into each piece she designs. She spends hours at local lumber yards intently searching through piles of pine until she discovers the best ones.
After unloading the fresh wood at her workshop she begins the real work for the day.
After cutting the wood that is used for the backing of each piece, she then sorts through her new pile of wood to find pieces that have similar grain, knots, and unique marking. Doing this allows some uniformity to be paired with the uniqueness of each piece of wood. This step is important because each individual piece of wood holds stain differently and can have extremely different grain designs causing there to be a lot of elements that clash.
Next, it's time to start cutting the design. Every piece of wood is cut by Lauren with the utmost attention to detail. It can take a handful of cuts to get one single piece cut down to the exact right size to ensure it fits like a puzzle.
After hours of hearing a miter saw buzz, it's time to grab the sander. Sanding is imperative in this process. Lauren does not rush through this step of the process because not only does is cause the stain to hold beautifully, but there's nothing quite like being able to run your hand across a piece of smooth wood without getting a splinter.
After she finishes sanding each individual piece (which can be hundreds depending on the design), she brings out the stain. Many of the colors you see in Lauren's art are actually colors she has created by a mixing process. Every piece of wood is stained one by one and then glued down to a wooden backing.
Lauren glues down her designs as opposed to nailing them down because she likes the clean, finished look at the end of the process and doesn't like how the nails damage the wood. Because she uses wood glue with only the best and strongest ingredients, you don't have to worry about it falling apart later on down the road. It will last through the generations!
When the wood glue is completely dry, she will then trim the edges of her art, sand the edges and backing, touch up any areas that need some fresh stain, stain the backing, and then start on the frame.
The frame must be cut, sanded and stained before it can be assembled. After carefully assembling the frame to the piece of art, she adds the hanging hardware, signs and stamps it and there ya have it, one handcrafted work of art by Lauren Gordon.
The process is long and can be tedious, but after the sawdust settles there's such a deep feeling of joy and satisfaction when she sees the finished product in all of its glory. The process is well worth it.