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When The Silence Speaks.

Silence is a beautiful thing.
I love the types of friendships that don’t always require words. I believe sitting in the silence with someone and not feeling the need or pressure to pollute the air with unnecessary words is the mark of a true, deeply personal relationship.
Silence creates a wide open space to just “be” and to enjoy the company of one another in the purest form.
I value conversations that go beyond the surface and I thrive from them, but I’ve also been learning to embrace those quiet moments and listen to what the silence is saying.
Last night I was driving home with my friend, @destinynicolemcdonald and we sat in total silence for a good portion of the ride.
It wasn’t awkward.
Neither of us was wondering if something was wrong.
There’s a security that can been seen in the silence—we are secure in our friendship and we are sure of where we stand with one another. It’s a true friendship that has grown and matured.
We don’t have to question the quiet.
A few months ago I was talking with the Lord and asking why I hadn’t heard his voice in a while. I was wondering if I did something wrong.
He kindly and patiently said, “Lauren, you don’t stress and freak out when you sit in silence with a close friend—you actually celebrate it because the silence indicates the deep level of friendship that you have with them. So, why is it different with Me? You haven’t done anything wrong. Embrace the silence; it’s actually an indication that we’re walking in close friendship”.
Perspective is everything.
Ask the Holy Spirit to reshape your thinking and ask Him to help you see Him though the lens of a friend instead of one who is giving the silent treatment.
Soak up those silent moments.
Enjoy His company.
I'd love for you to share your thoughts on friendship with the Holy Spirit! Where has He had to reshape your perspective of who He really is? Comment below!


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