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There's Grace For This.

There’s grace for this.
Not only the strength to get through it but delightful empowerment that awakens joy + pleasure along the way.
It enables you to breathe deep.
When He enfolds you with charis grace, the weight of anxiety is exchanged with the gift of peace.
You can find real rest here.
A rest that doesn’t leave you more tired than before.
You may be thinking, “how do I get this grace?” but my friend, it’s not a wage of your work.
It’s yours to simply receive.
His grace is without measure + He is pouring it over you.
Be drenched.


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  • 😭😭😭 this is soooooo good!

  • An on-time Word…I’m seeking guidance for a very tough, possible life changing situation that I’ve been yo-yo’ing with for a while and this reminds me His Grace is sufficient for me, strengthens me and sees me through to the other side of things no matter which way I go, He’s gonna meet me there.
    Thank you Lauren for your encouraging posts.


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