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"The List"

LADIES! Have you ever taken time to write out “the list”?
Ya know, THE LIST?
I remember grabbing a piece of notebook paper in high school and writing out all my desires for my future husband. As I’ve grown and matured the list has also changed. Every year or so I will bring it out and do a little bit of revamping.
A few months ago I was encouraged by a couple to sit down with the Lord and revisit my list...as much as I didn’t want to.
But I did.
After I was done rewriting a few things I felt like I needed to write out another list...
for myself.
What kind of wife do I want to be one day?
Shoot, that’s pretty important too! Am I right?!
I want to be one who is marked with intentionality, thankfulness, devotion and a deep well of joy. One who communicates so much better than I do now. An encourager and one who champions their husband in the big and little things. A wife who can whip up some auh-mazing home cooked meals. A wife who isn’t consumed with business all. the. time.
When I wrote a list for myself it stretched me and made me aware of things I really need to work on and allow the Lord to help me with.
I encourage YOU to get alone with the Lord and co-write a list for yourself.
What kind of spouse do you want to be?
If you are married, what are some things you are revamping on your personal list?
Share a few things from your in the comment section!


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