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The Last To Get Married.

Let’s talk about being single.
You know, that stage of life when all your bffs are getting married...and you’re..well... not.
I am all too familiar with those glory days.
I was recently a bridesmaid in my sweet friend, @ash_mcmorin’s wedding. We’ve been friends since our awkward middle school days and we used to dream about the day when we would meet our husbands and stand beside each other on the big day.
I had people ask me about her wedding and “how it was for me”—ya know, being single an all.
And honestly it was glorious.
I wasn’t being sarcastic earlier when I said “glory days” because this time in my life is truly so glorious. I LOVE it and treasure it.
A few years ago I wasn’t able to say that. Going to weddings left me feeling a tad disappointed and bummed that I still hadn’t met the one, and I was showing up solo to another wedding, BUT so much has changed.
Sometimes people try to comfort the single folks by saying “the Lord is just being jealous with you right now”. Ive been told that a l o t, so I got in the habit of just nodding my head and smiling, but THEN I got a revelation of that and it changed everything for me.
I love this time I’m able to have with the Lord. I love devotion. I love hearing the Lord speak beloved identity over me. I love discovering new things about the Father and getting to know Him better. I love how He’s preparing me to be a wife. I love this time of “just me and Him”. Yes, I’ll obviously still be able to sit in devotion once I’m married, but it will be different. Not bad different, just different.
I cherish this time.
Yeah, the desire of my heart is marriage-no doubt about it, but man, this time is so so glorious and special.
If you’re single, I so encourage you to sit down with the Lord and ask Him, “When you say your jealous for me, what does that actually mean?” and ask for a fresh perspective for your time of singleness.
Journal His response.
Savor the words He speaks over you.
He’s not holding out on you.
Trust me, He’s EXCITED to give you the gift of marriage.
But this-right now-is a glorious time.
A time in life you’ll never get again.
Cherish it.
What fresh perspective is the Lord giving you in this time of singleness? Share in the comment section! I love hearing the unique things the Father is speaking to each of as as we walk through similar seasons!

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