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Learning to Stay.

“God, I’ll go wherever you want me to go.”
I’ve told the Father those 9 words so many times. I always want to have that heart posture + willingness to do whatever the Holy Spirit says and go wherever The Wind blows, but within the past few months the Lord has been teaching me something just as significant—how to stay.
Soon after I moved back from Canada I was driving home one night and I heard the Father say “Lauren, I know you will go, but will you stay?”.
I love to go.
To travel.
The excitement of having to trust the Lord like never before as I step into the unknown.
All of that is great, but what I was lacking was being rooted and seated in place called home.
I wasn’t content to just be in one place for very long; I was always looking for somewhere new.
"Going" was easier for me.
At first when the Lord asked me if I would stay I was a little bummed. I knew I would be here for a long time, but for me to say “yes” to something that sounded so permanent? I felt caged.
Would I say yes to staying?
To truly being settled.
To embracing home.
To an adventure that seemed like the least adventurous adventure ever.
A million times yes.
I want to go wherever The Wind blows-even if it stops blowing and whispers “stay still”.
Over the past 3 months of being home I’ve learned adventure can be found anywhere—even at home.
I thought staying would keep me caged, but in reality I have never felt more free.
No longer do I view staying as some sort of punishment or the lesser of the, but now I see it as one of the greatest invitations I’ve ever received from the Father.
There's something special about being asked to stay.
Honestly, this has been the greatest adventure.
One of being settled.
One of finding joy and thankfulness in everyday life.
One of hearing His whispers and hanging on to each syllable.
One of slowing down.
Sometimes I stop and think “wow, what a life”.
It truly is glorious.
The staying.
The going.
And everything in between.
Man, I am so thankful.
Can you relate to being one who finds it easier to go? Do you feel caged when you stay in one place too long? What unexpected adventures have you encountered at home? Comment below--I so want to hear your thoughts on this!

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