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Just Go For It.

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while now. When I say a while I don’t mean a few weeks, but more like a few years. When I lived in California back in 2015 I remember having the desire to start writing & sharing things about my life, but I had no clue where to start.
Should I start from childhood & give a back story of my entire life up until this point?
Man, that’s a lot of writing and would take days.
There’s so much to share.
And that’s where I got stumped.
Then a few days ago I went for morning walk-which isn’t typical-and the Lord reminded me of the blog & He started stirring up the desire I once had for it. I knew He was saying “the time is now”.
Instantly I started asking myself “well what do I write about first?”.
I felt the Lord was saying that I needed to start exactly where I’m at right now in life.
Where I’m at now is a good starting point.
Why in the world did I have it in my mind that I had to start from “the beginning”, or that I had to write this perfect “manuscript” and sounded like all those talented, poetic, trendy bloggers?
Why do we let silly things like that hinder us?
Why do we wait until we have it all figured out to start embark on a new adventure? 
The fear of where and how to start. The fear of not knowing how to navigate through new things once we do start.
Isn’t right now a good starting point?
Something the Lord has been telling me a lot this past year is “just go for it”.
Isn’t there so much freedom in that? Freedom from the need to have every step of the journey figured out.
Before I moved to Canada in March 2018, I was sitting on the back porch just talking the the God and asking him in (an indirect way of course) to give me a detailed blueprint of what life would look like in a new country.
He reminded me of the annual road trip I go on with my dear friend Katie.
Every year is a new adventure with different destinations. For three years I have flown from Florida to California (where she lives), and C.A. would be our starting point. We would always discuss the trip a little before I flew out, but honestly Katie is the one that planned 99% of the trip. I would simply say “yeah, I’m in”, book my flight and show up. She would take care of all the details because truthfully she is just so amazing at it.
God reminded me of that and said “Lauren, every year you fly across the country to see Katie without knowing details & trusting she planned an amazing trip You don’t have anything planned, but all do is show up and go along for the ride. How much more can you trust Me knowing that I have an incredible adventure planned for your life?”
After He said that I starting thinking about any good ole adventure. What fun is an adventure if you know what’s around every corner?
Not too fun.
Doesn’t “knowing” kind of defeat the purpose of adventure?
Adventure- bold, usually risky undertaking to ; take the chance of; participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises
Isn’t life one grand adventure with God?
As trustworthy as my friend is, isn’t Father God even more worthy of our trust? Life is a crazy journey, but we can truly trust He has incredible things to discover around every corner.
We may not be familiar with the surroundings and it might be brand new territory, but we’re safe with Him as our Guide.
Instead of trying to plan out every twist and turn, let’s just say “yeah, I’m in"  and "I trust you God”.
Last Fall Katie & I planned to go to Yosemite directly from Mammoth Lakes, CA,  and then an unexpected snow storm came through which totally derailed our plans. We had the option to wait it out in hope that the snow would stop, & the road to Yosemite would reopen, or go somewhere totally off the charts.
So we did what every wise millennial would do, and we flipped a coin.
Heads-wait out the snow and pray the road opens.
Tails-go three hours north to Lake Tahoe.
Tails it was!
Even though Tahoe definitely wasn’t part of our plan, it ended up being my favorite & most beautiful part of the trip.
Funny how that works, huh?
Embrace the spontaneity.
Embrace the unknown.
Just go for it, my friends.
Photo: Katie Stuart // Instagram: @kstuphotography
Location: June Lake Loop // California
K+L Road Trip 2017


  • Yayy!! I love your stories ❤ I have missed our talks and sharing all the Lord is saying to you and where He is leading you and now I can have it again. Thank you for your YES!

  • Thanks for being so honest about your story n in counter with god I loved your honesty n story n hope you loving it here in edm I’ll be praying for you

    Adam Houle
  • Adventure Boldly Lauren! You are Equipped by tbe King 👑

    Colleen Hancar
  • Inspiring! Can’t wait for your next post

    Wendy Leigh
  • Beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you for your obedience.

    Monica Parker

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