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God, Where Are You?

Last year I went through a time where I felt totally abandoned by the Lord.
It seemed like He was a million miles away.
I didn’t hear his voice.
I didn’t feel his presence.
I had to choose to stand on the truth of his Word-as hard as it was.
I KNEW he was near-I just didn’t feel his presence.
I KNEW he’s real-but it sure didn’t feel like it.
I KNEW all these things, but it was still hard.
I don’t want to be the type of person who is moved my emotions or circumstances. I want to have a spirit to spirit connection with the Lord-one that’s stable and full of trust in Him and His word no matter the circumstance. I desire to be steadfast.
I knew in this time he was bringing that kind of stability to my life. Right before all this happened the Lord told me, “I am about to show you just how constant I really am”.
“Really, because it kind of seems like the total opposite is happening..” Those were my thoughts.
This “season” lasted for months. And months. And months.
I was in the middle of the most difficult time of my life and I felt totally alone. I honestly started getting angry with God.
Then one day the Lord showed me this picture:
I was looking ahead but I couldn’t see a thing. There was this thick fog all around me. Then the fog (circumstances, emotions, doubts,etc) started to dissolve. When all the fog fully dissolved I realized I was standing face-to-face with God the entire time.
In the middle of everything He was still near. So near.
I just didn’t see it.
He was constant the entire time.
That encounter changed me and my perspective. It reminded me that he is truly so constant and near. Sometimes we don’t see him because we haven’t looked past all the fog-the hard situations, the pain, loneliness, doubt, and even expectations.
Whatever you’re facing today (or that you’ve been facing for months)
I promise He is near.
He is constant.
He is a stable Father.
Ask Him to help you look past all those things that have been clouding your vision.
Ask for a greater awareness of Him.
Listen for the whisper.
He’s right there, my friend
What things have been clouding your vision? Have you ever walked through a time where God felt a million miles away? I would love to hear from you! Just comment below!


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