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Dare To Believe.

January 1, 2018

“I believe this is going to be a year of fulfilled dreams.
One of restored vision and renewed hope.
For old dreams to be restored and filled with fresh life, and for new dreams to take flight.
I want this this year to be one of depth.
Not necessarily “more” things, but to go deeper in the things I already have.
Deeper in my identity as a daughter of God. To live in a deeper place of thankfulness, honor, devotion, and awe. To discover deeper depths of God the Father. To explore the characteristics of Him that I already “know” and extract the fullness of those facets.
Deeper devotion. Deeper in relationships.”
It’s been over 10 months since I wrote those words, and my spirit is still leaping as I read them once again. I totally forgot about what the Lord was stirring in my heart back in January.
In the middle of life actually happening-the highs and lows alike-I didn’t even realize He was in fact taking me deeper, pulling me closer, breathing fresh vision and awakening old dreams.
A lot of it may have happened differently than I thought it would, or come as a result of a hard process, but man, it has been so worth it.
If you need renewed vision and a dose of hope, take hold of those words for yourself. I believe those words I wrote weren’t just for me, but for anyone else who needs and desires those things.
I have so much expectation and excitement for what the Lord wants to do and is going to do between now and the beginning of 2019.
I feel faith bursting inside me.
If this year hasn’t looked like what you expected, then I’m with ya sista, but I also want to remind you that you’re still the Father’s steady hands.
He is still working things out for your good even if it looks far from it.
I believe something is waking up on the inside of you as you’re reading this, and you’re going to begin to feel something coming alive in you.
You’re going to feel alive again.
More alive than you’ve ever felt.
Keep hanging on, my friend.
Cling to those words I wrote in January.
Dare to believe that God isn’t finished yet.
Shake off the dust of disappointment.
Get everything out of this year that you were hoping for back in January.
Allow the Lord to blow your mind these last two months of 2018.
Let’s go deeper together.
Deeper in our relationship with God + deeper with those around us.
There’s always a deeper depth for us to reach.
Let’s not be afraid to dream again and get our hopes up, but let’s run head first into those crazy dreams that once caused our eyes to light up when we talked about them.
Let’s be fully convinced that nothing is impossible.
Let’s go for it.


  • Keep sharing Lauren!!!! I’ve got my hopes way up! This year certainly had lots of twists and turns and some that brought grief and pain but God! His faithfulness through every good, bad, ugly, high, low, exciting, and boring part of life is where I remain….IN HIM. No place I’d rather be!!

    Misty Townsend
  • Good stuff my friend. Time to get the dusting rag out and pull some dreams off the shelf.

  • Good stuff my friend. Time to get the dusting rag out and pull some dreams off the shelf.

  • I love this. It fills me with so much excitement because I wrote nearly the exact same words in my journal at the beginning of this year! I felt God speak to me about the Year of Dreams. Old dreams being fulfilled and new dreams being birthed. The dare to dream bigger and to have faith that He exceeds even those dreams that we think are too big. God is so good, so faithful, and I’m convinced the greatest adventure out there is living a life with Jesus. Thank you for sharing this and spreading courage and hope.

    Carlin Bishop
  • Our God is a God of hope and faithfulness. He wants us to get our Hope’s up and seek after the best he has. which we do by seeking after him. Very well said Lauren.
    Merrik Gilbert

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