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Aisle Sixteen.

Meet Robert.
The man, the myth, and some might even say a legend.
I had the honor of meeting this creative genius on aisle 16 one chilly morning in January.
It started off as the typical Lowe’s conversation as we sorted through some pine, “So what are you building?”, and almost two hours later we were still standing there talking as others hurried in and out of the store.
Originally that’s what I planned on doing too.
Get in.
Get out.
Head back to the workshop.
Thankfully, I met someone who reminded slow down and stay a while.
I was wide-eyed as he told me about all the woodwork he does
and stained glass
and leather work
and how he restores old guns + cars
and pretty much everything in between.
His eyes lit up when he told me about his neat inventions and dreams-
the ones that worked out and the ones that didn’t.
He gave me some woodworking tips, and told me certain methods that "I would fall in love with".
He’s truly a master of all trades.
Then he told me how he lost his only son back in October.
Tears filled my eyes.
Tears filled both of our eyes.
He showed me the few pictures he had on his phone of his art and restoration projects, but mentioned how all the pictures are printed off in a photo album at home.
Years and years of pictures.
Years and years of hard work, witty ideas, the final product of many failed attempts, and the things that have filled him with life.
I asked if he likes coffee and he said, “I drink it everyday, but I’m more of a Coke person”.
I told him I knew the perfect little coffee shop in town that has both, and asked him to join me one day soon.
He said he would really like that.
I asked him to bring his photo album, and he smiled real big, gave me a hug and then we both got back to rumaging through wood.
I went to Lowe’s in search of some wood and left with that and so much more.
I like to think we both did.
There is something very special about what happened on aisle 16.
Something that reminded me to slow down, listen and stay a while.
I'm thankful.
How can you slow down this week? I would love to hear about someone you have met as a result of slowing down. Comment your story below!


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Love this💕

  • This is awesome! I think sometimes God puts people in our path for a reason❤️ Great read.

    Lindsey Strickland
  • Love this Lauren😍. Taking time to love the one in front of you. Thanks for sharing.

  • Beautiful story! Amazing what we can find when we invest the time!


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