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2018 Reflection.

One Saturday I sat down to spend some time with the Lord. I started thinking about 2018 and about where I am in the moment.
I came across this picture of myself from December of 2018 and began to ask the Lord a few questions:
What “fruit” came out of 2018?
What are you highlighting in me now?
What new ways did I get to know You last year?
Who am I in You?
I was going to just tape this picture in my journal and then write the Father’s response on the lines of the page, and then I realized the background of my picture was the perfect blank space to do a little bit of writing.
This simple picture, sloppy writing and all summarizes the past year of my life. Through it all He has been constant, near, and good.
Each word contains a story that’s much deeper than meets the eye.
I encourage you to find a quiet place and sit with the Lord for a while. Ask Him some of those questions and ask Him some of your own. Engage with the Father.
Find a picture of yourself or a special place you visited in 2018 and then get creative. Print it in b+w and then paint a splash of color on it. Write words or phrases. Let your creativity out!
Allow the Father to tell you how He sees you and when He speaks allow those words to go deep and come alive in you.
God longs to speak to you in this very moment..
..in the middle of whatever glorious or difficult season you’re in.
He wants to speaks truth over you.
Listen to what He has to say.
His whispers will change everything.
Comment below a few of the things He is speaking over you! I would love love LOVE to see what work of art you created that reflects 2018! Upload it to Instagram and tag me (@shopdivinedesigns) or you can shoot me an email (shopdivinedesigns@yahoo.com)


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